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folder-icon Does GuardedID® work in Firefox? Will I see CryptoColor® in Firefox again? folder-icon Does GuardedID® work with computer games? folder-icon Does Malwarebytes interfere with GuardedID on Windows folder-icon GuardedID compatibility with AVG / Avast folder-icon How do I fix the "GID Agent Service is not running" error? folder-icon How do I know GuardedID® is protecting browsers such as Chrome and Opera, which do not support a GuardedID® toolbar? folder-icon How do I know GuardedID® is working when I’m typing in desktop applications? folder-icon How do I move a GuardedID® license from one computer to a new one? folder-icon How do I turn off GuardedID®? folder-icon How To Activate GuardedID (Windows) folder-icon I am replacing parts on my computer. Will GuardedID® still work? folder-icon I do not see the “G” icon in the notification area (system tray) at the bottom right of my screen. How do I show the icon? folder-icon I received a “GuardedID® keyboard driver is not responding” warning. What should I do? folder-icon Is GuardedID compatible with Bitdefender? folder-icon Is GuardedID® compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge? folder-icon I tried to make the GuardedID® toolbar appear in Internet Explorer but it is not showing. What should I do next? folder-icon Sometimes I see the wrong character when I type. What can I do? folder-icon When I started my computer I received a warning that an untrusted driver was detected. What should I do? folder-icon When I try to activate GuardedID®, I receive a message like “This machine has been activated with a different key”. What should I do? folder-icon Why can't I see notifications from GuardedID? folder-icon Why does the toolbar show a red “Off” when the cursor is not in a field that I can type into? folder-icon Why does the toolbar show a red “Off” when typing in the fields at the top of the browser? folder-icon Why do fields change color when I click into them? What is CryptoColor®? folder-icon Why do I see a notice about “LicMgrEP.exe”?
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