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How do I turn off GuardedID®?
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GuardedID® protection is provided to most desktop programs by the “Desktop Protection” agent represented by the “G” in the notification area (system tray) in the lower right of your screen. You can temporarily disable protection, or stop running the program (exit). Neither option uninstalls the software.

  • Temporarily disable protection by right-clicking on the “G” and deselecting “Enable”. The GuardedID® icon will display a red circle with a white “D” as a reminder that Desktop Protection is disabled. To re-enable GuardedID®, go back to the “G” icon in the notification area and click “Enable”.
  • Exit protection by right-clicking on the “G” icon and selecting “Exit”. GuardedID® will display a reminder that Desktop Protection is terminated. To restart Desktop Protection, go to “Start | Run | Programs | GuardedID®” and click on “Desktop”.

You can turn GuardedID® toolbars off by changing the Secured Mode “Always On” setting using the GuardedID® “Manage | Preferences” tool. Uncheck “Always On”, click “OK”, then close all web browser programs. When you open the web browser program again, GuardedID® will not Activate to the Secured Mode.

Also, you can disable GuardedID® in one browser program, but not the other, using each program’s setting for add-on programs.

Note: GuardedID® cannot protect your computer against keyloggers when it is disabled or exited.

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