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I received a “GuardedID® keyboard driver is not responding” warning. What should I do?

GuardedID® constantly verifies that its kernel driver is secure. Under some conditions, legitimate Windows programs might block this verification. If you type 10 characters and GuardedID® cannot verify, it will issue this warning.

The recommended solution is to reboot. If that is not practical, “warm restart” your computer by closing the Internet browser and exiting the “Desktop Protection” (the “G” in the notification area [system tray] on the bottom right of your screen). Then go to Start | Programs | GuardedID® and restart “Desktop”. If warm restart does not help, try to reboot.

The most common repair is to uninstall GuardedID®, reboot, then reinstall GuardedID®, making sure that the installation is free of warnings. Reboot after installation. If the problem continues, please create a support ticket to get help resolving this issue.

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  • 05-Jun-2016