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Does GuardedID® work with computer games?
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You must disable GuardedID® during play with certain games. GuardedID® is designed to protect your browser sessions and desktop applications (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, VPN clients, IM chats, etc.). GuardedID® protects some “online web browser games” but not all of them. GuardedID® currently does not protect gaming applications that sit on your desktop, like Gran Turismo or World of Warcraft, because games like these remap the keyboard for gaming functionality, etc. Before you launch these games, right click on the “G” in the notification area (system tray) in the bottom right of your screen, and select “Exit” or deselect “Enable” (GuardedID® cannot protect your computer against keyloggers when it is exited or disabled.) You will then be able to game with no issues. After you are finished gaming, go to “Start | Run | Programs | GuardedID®” and click on “Desktop” to restart GuardedID® Desktop Protection.

Certain games played inside IE or Firefox may be affected by GuardedID®. If your game play is disrupted, you can disable GuardedID® by right-clicking on the “Tools” item in the browser’s menu and untagging GuardedID®. Approve disabling of GuardedID® (if asked). After you are finished playing, return to the “Tools” menu and re-enable GuardedID® toolbar. Close and re-open the browser to activate GuardedID® protection.

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