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I do not see the “G” icon in the notification area (system tray) at the bottom right of my screen. How do I show the icon?

If you cannot see the “G” in the notification area, you can:

1. “Right click” on the current time in the notification area. A menu will pop up.

Select "Customize notiication icons"

2. Select “Customize notification icons”.

On Windows 10: Taskbar Settings will open.
Settings Menu

On Windows 10: Scroll right column down to "Notification area". Click on "Select which icons appear on the taskbar."
scroll down settings

3. Find the GuardedID® icon setting. Scroll the list until you see "GID Desktop Application". 

On Windows 10: Click "On" to keep GuardedID® icon visible.

Win10 icon list

On Windows 7 or 8: Click the drop-down and select "Show icon and notifications" to keep GuardedID® icon visible. Then click "OK".

Win 7 icon list

4. Find the “G” and “GID Desktop Application” in the left column. Change its setting to "On" or “Show icon and notifications".

5. Press the “OK” button.

6. The "G" should now be visible in the taskbar. You can right-click it for more options.

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