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GuardedID® User Guide for Windows

Please[ click here][1] to view the GuardedID® User Guide for Windows. [1]:

I am replacing parts on my computer. Will GuardedID® still work?

Before you replace parts on your computer, make sure you have a record of your license key then deactivate GuardedID®. You can see your license key in the “Manage | Manage License” by right-clicking on the “G” in the task bar. Write down the long string of characters and dashes shown in the license field. Then use the…

Does Malwarebytes interfere with GuardedID on Windows

Malwarebytes Anti-malware program for Windows is known to interfere with GuardedID. The interference does not usually occur on a manual scan. Issues have been reported when installing GuardedID on a machine with Malwarebytes already installed and during a weekly scan in some configurations. If Malwarebytes is interf…

Why do I see a notice about “LicMgrEP.exe”?

The “LicMgrEP.exe” is part of GuardedID® protection license manager. If you are installing or using GuardedID® for the first time, the notice may come from your internet security software. Allow LicMgrEP.exe to continue as long as it is properly signed from StrikeForce Technologies.

Why do fields change color when I click into them? What is CryptoColor®?

The CryptoColor® feature changes the background color of a text field to let you know that your keystrokes are being encrypted from the keyboard.

Why does the toolbar show a red “Off” when the cursor is not in a field that I can type into?

Inside the browser, GuardedID® is only active when the keyboard cursor is in a text input field. If you click inside a web page where there is no input field, GuardedID® will show RED “Off”. Once you move the cursor into a text entry field on a web page, GuardedID® will turn “On” and protect your typing.

Sometimes I see the wrong character when I type. What can I do?

This can happen for two reasons: **Non-standard programs look like keyloggers.** Certain programs use Windows Message Hooks in a non-standard way that makes them appear to GuardedID® as keyloggers. Every time you type into one of these programs you will see numbers in sequence (e.g., “1234”) instead of what you are t…

Why does the toolbar show a red “Off” when typing in the fields at the top of the browser?

The fields at the top of the browser (the Address or URL field and the Search field) are outside the Internet data section of the browser. The toolbar is only active when the keyboard cursor is “inside” the data section. The top bar fields are protected by the GuardedID® “Desktop Protection” agent. The flashing “G” in…

When I try to activate GuardedID®, I receive a message like “This machine has been activated with a different key”. What should I do?

A serial number (called Machine ID) is assigned to each computer. Your Machine ID is already activated, but with a different license key. If you have another license key, try to activate with it. If not, please [create a support ticket][1] to get help resolving this issue. ### ** ** [1]: http://strikeforcecpg.hap…

I tried to make the GuardedID® toolbar appear in Internet Explorer but it is not showing. What should I do next?

Internet Explorer has an Advanced setting, “Enable third-party browser add- ons”. To make sure this is enabled, select “Tools” in the IE menu and click “Internet options”. Select the “Advanced” tab. In the second group you will find the setting. Make sure it is checked. Close and re-open IE to activate the setting. Th…

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