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GuardedID® User Guide - Mac

Please [click here][1] to view detailed instructions for activating and configuring GuardedID® on your Mac. [1]:

Why do fields change color when I click into them? What is CryptoColor®?

The CryptoColor® feature changes the background color of a text field to let you know that your keystrokes are being encrypted from the keyboard.

How do I turn off GuardedID®?

GuardedID® protection is provided to most desktop programs by the “Desktop Protection” component represented by the “G” icon in the Dock. End or temporarily disable protection by right-clicking on the “G” and selecting “Exit” or “Disable”. GuardedID® will display a reminder that you are terminating Desktop Protection.…

What is Enhanced Mode?

Enhanced Mode offers greater security and is the GuardedID® default mode. It is optimized for newer computers and OS versions. If you get “0”s when you type, you can disable the Enhanced Mode by going to “Manage” on the GuardedID® toolbar and toggling off Enhanced Mode. GuardedID® will still encrypt your keystrokes, b…

Firefox installed an automatic update and turned off the GuardedID® toolbar. Will I see CryptoColor® in Firefox again?

Firefox has ended support for all binary extensions, including the GuardedID® toolbar. GuardedID® still protects your keystrokes in Firefox (watch for the blinking “G” icon in the Dock. However, CryptoColor® is supported in Internet Explorer only at this time. A CryptoColor® plug-in is in development. Look for it late…

Why do I occasionally see a “0” show up in an input field that I am typing into when GuardedID® is activated?

This is a known possible rare behavior that shows up because GuardedID® works to protect you from all keylogging viruses. This occasionally causes a “0” to appear, which can easily be cleared with no application issues. Go to “Manage” on the GuardedID® toolbar and toggle off Enhanced Mode (the default mode). GuardedID…

Sometimes when I type into a browser or application I get all zeroes, or other unexpected behavior. What should I do?

This rarely but sometimes happens, for example, when using some sophisticated games. Click on the “G” in the Dock, or the Menu at the top of the screen, and deselect “Enable” while working with that application. **GuardedID® cannot protect your computer against keyloggers when it is disabled.** When you are done using…

I am replacing parts on my computer. Will GuardedID® still work?

Before you replace parts on your computer, make sure you have a record of your license key then deactivate GuardedID®. You can see your license key by clicking on the GuardedID® Dock icon and going to “Manage | Manage License”. Write down the long string of characters and dashes shown in the license field. Then use th…

How do I know GuardedID® is protecting my Mac?

Once you download GuardedID® a “G” appears in the Dock. Four variations explain when GuardedID® or Apple is protecting you as you type on the keyboard: a red exclamation point (!), a green dot (.), a red dot (.), and a green dot (.) with a white dash. (See other Knowledge Base articles for explanations of each.)

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