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How do I turn off GuardedID®?

GuardedID® protection is provided to most desktop programs by the “Desktop Protection” component represented by the “G” icon in the Dock. End or temporarily disable protection by right-clicking on the “G” and selecting “Exit” or “Disable”. GuardedID® will display a reminder that you are terminating Desktop Protection.

You can turn GuardedID® off by changing the Secured Mode “Always On” setting using the GuardedID® “Manage | Preferences” tool. Uncheck “Always On”, click “OK”, then close all web browser programs. When you open the web browser program again, GuardedID® will not Activate to the Secured Mode.

Also, you can disable GuardedID® in one browser program, but not the other, using each program’s setting for add-on programs.

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  • 05-Jun-2016