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What internet browsers are supported by MobileTrust®?

MobileTrust® works with all major browsers. For iOS users, Apple protects many if not all browser password fields.

Why does the toolbar show a red “Off” when the cursor is not in a field that I can type into?

Inside the browser, GuardedID® is only active when the keyboard cursor is in a text input field. If you click inside a web page where there is no input field, GuardedID® will show RED “Off”. Once you move the cursor into a text entry field on a web page, GuardedID® will turn “On” and protect your typing.

Why does the toolbar show a red “Off” when typing in the fields at the top of the browser?

The fields at the top of the browser (the Address or URL field and the Search field) are outside the Internet data section of the browser. The toolbar is only active when the keyboard cursor is “inside” the data section. The top bar fields are protected by the GuardedID® “Desktop Protection” agent. The flashing “G” in…

Does GuardedID® work with computer games?

You must disable GuardedID® during play with certain games. GuardedID® is designed to protect your browser sessions and desktop applications (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, VPN clients, IM chats, etc.). GuardedID® protects some “online web browser games” but not all of them. GuardedID® currently does not protect gaming appl…

Is GuardedID® compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge?

GuardedID® is compatible with Windows 10, including Microsoft Edge. Protection for Microsoft Edge and other "Universal" apps is available since September 2017.

How do I know GuardedID® is protecting browsers such as Chrome and Opera, which do not support a GuardedID® toolbar?

When you are using browsers such as Chrome, Opera, etc. that do not have GuardedID® toolbars, the “Desktop Protection” agent is active. When you see the “G” in the notification area (system tray) at the bottom right of your screen, you know that GuardedID® Desktop Protection is ready. Each time you press a key, the “G…

What applications and browsers does GuardedID® protect?

GuardedID® protects most Windows applications and browsers with keystroke encryption including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. For Mac users, Apple protects many if not all browser password fields.

What is GuardedID®?

GuardedID® is a software program that encrypts your keystrokes between the keyboard and your desktop applications and internet browsers, so that keyloggers cannot steal your personal or financial information. GuardedID® works with all major browsers to block keyloggers from grabbing information going to internet appl…

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