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On MobileTrust for iOS the keyboard changes for "password" fields.

On Apple systems, Password fields (and possibly other "hide text" fields which show dots instead of what you type) have a special security mode where the system forces the devices own keyboard in place of any 3rd party keyboard. This makes the "Secure Keyboard" change to the device keyboard when you touch into such a …

I installed and activated MobileTrust®, but I don’t see it working. What do I do?

MobileTrust® relies on a secure keyboard feature to encrypt your keystrokes. During installation, MobileTrust installs a new extension of your device’s native keyboard. After you install MobileTrust®, you need to select the MobileTrust® Secure Keyboard to begin typing securely. ### ** **

How do I know MobileTrust® is working when I’m typing in mobile apps?

As long as your keyboard is clearly labeled as the “Secure Keyboard”, with the MobileTrust® logo, you can be sure MobileTrust® is protecting your device.

Does MobileTrust® allow autofill and autocorrect?

For security purposes, MobileTrust® does not allow autofill or autocorrect. To use these features, disable the secure keyboard. **(MobileTrust® cannot protect your device against keyloggers when it is logged out or disabled.)**

If my mobile device is infected with a keylogger, will MobileTrust® protect me?

Yes. MobileTrust® will protect the keystrokes you type inside your browser, even if your anti-malware programs do not have current signatures. As long as your keyboard is clearly labeled with “Secure Keyboard” and the MobileTrust® logo, you can be sure your MobileTrust® is protecting your device.

What is MobileTrust®?

MobileTrust® is an app bundle for mobile devices and tablets. MobileTrust® protects your confidential information, online transactions and login access against keylogging spyware, and even helps you create and store hard-to-crack passwords. MobileTrust® encrypts every keystroke you type into your mobile device while …

What is the difference between MobileTrust® and other anti-keyloggers?

MobileTrust® takes a unique approach to snoop protection. When you type on your keyboard, MobileTrust® encrypts all keystrokes at the point of origin (your keyboard), then carries those encrypted keystrokes to your apps via a proprietary path, bypassing the place where keyloggers reside. Existing and new keyloggers ca…

How do I select the Secure Keyboard?

In order to utilize MobileTrust's keystroke protection technology, you must enable the MobileTrust Secure Keyboard on your compatible Android/iOS device. To do so, please follow the steps below which correspond to your specific device: **iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad):** Step 1: Ensure that the MobileTrust app is insta…

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