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Is GuardedID compatible with Bitdefender?

If you experience errors with GuardedID while you have Bitdefender installed on your system, please launch Bitdefender to ensure that it has not blocked/quarantined any GuardedID files (default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\SFT\GuardedID\) and, if so, unblock/trust/restore these files to resolve any issues with Gua…

When I started my computer I received a warning that an untrusted driver was detected. What should I do?

GuardedID® uses the Windows driver signatures to be certain that your kernel is intact. If this message is reported for a Microsoft driver like “i8042prt.sys” for Windows 7, the issue is likely due to Microsoft update KB3004394. Copy and paste [][1] into the address bar of this b…

How do I fix the "GID Agent Service is not running" error?

If you have Kaspersky installed alongside GuardedID, you may receive an error which says "**GID Agent Service is not running**". To fix this error, launch Kaspersky and disable its "**Release resources to the operating system when the computer starts**" setting. Then, reboot your PC.

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