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What internet browsers are supported by MobileTrust®?

MobileTrust® works with all major browsers. For iOS users, Apple protects many if not all browser password fields.

I have a subscription for two devices. How do I activate the second device?

If you have purchased a subscription for two devices: After you have activated and installed MobileTrust® on one device, use the second device to download the app from the [Apple AppStore][1] (for iOS devices) or [Google Play][2] (for Android devices). When prompted, enter the email address and password associated wit…

Where do I get the MobileTrust® app?

MobileTrust® is available for download from [Apple AppStore][1] (for iOS devices) or [Google Play][2] (for Android devices). The app can be downloaded and installed at no charge, but you must [purchase a subscription][3] and have a valid enrollment activation key to activate the app. [1]:…

How do I select the Secure Keyboard?

In order to utilize MobileTrust's keystroke protection technology, you must enable the MobileTrust Secure Keyboard on your compatible Android/iOS device. To do so, please follow the steps below which correspond to your specific device: **iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad):** Step 1: Ensure that the MobileTrust app is insta…

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