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Firefox installed an automatic update and turned off the GuardedID® toolbar. Will I see CryptoColor® in Firefox again?

Firefox has ended support for all binary extensions, including the GuardedID® toolbar. GuardedID® still protects your keystrokes in Firefox (watch for the blinking “G” icon in the Dock. However, CryptoColor® is supported in Internet Explorer only at this time. A CryptoColor® plug-in is in development. Look for it late…

How do I know GuardedID® is protecting my Mac?

Once you download GuardedID® a “G” appears in the Dock. Four variations explain when GuardedID® or Apple is protecting you as you type on the keyboard: a red exclamation point (!), a green dot (.), a red dot (.), and a green dot (.) with a white dash. (See other Knowledge Base articles for explanations of each.)

What does a red dot (.) mean when seen in the “G” in the Dock?

A red dot means GuardedID® is disabled temporarily by you. You can easily enable GuardedID® through the “G” icon in the Dock, or in the Menu on top by clicking on “Enable” in either location.

What does a red exclamation point (!) mean when seen in the “G” in the Dock?

A red exclamation point means GuardedID® is not activated at that time. Go to “Menu | Manage License” and enter your license activation key if the field is blank; click “Activate”. ### ** **

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