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When I try to activate GuardedID®, I receive a message like “This machine has been activated with a different key”. What should I do?

A serial number (called Machine ID) is assigned to each computer. Your Machine ID is already activated, but with a different license key. If you have another license key, try to activate with it. If not, please [create a support ticket][1] to get help resolving this issue. ### ** ** [1]: http://strikeforcecpg.hap…

How does the SFT Cloud Website relate to MobileTrust®?

MobileTrust® users can manage their profiles (change password and email address; manage devices; view license key and subscription detail, etc.) using the SFT Cloud Website. Login to the [SFT Cloud Website][1] using the same email address and password you use for the MobileTrust® app. [1]:…

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