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On MobileTrust for iOS the keyboard changes for "password" fields.

On Apple systems, Password fields (and possibly other "hide text" fields which show dots instead of what you type) have a special security mode where the system forces the devices own keyboard in place of any 3rd party keyboard. This makes the "Secure Keyboard" change to the device keyboard when you touch into such a …

I forgot my Password

If you do not remember your password for your StrikeForce SCloud account, you may reset it at any time using the "**Forgot Password?**" link on the StrikeForce SCloud login page: [StrikeForce SCloud - Login][1] [1]:

Can I manage my MobileTrust® user profile online? What is the SFT Cloud Website?

You can manage your MobileTrust® user profile, including username (email address) password, profile name, and other details at the [SFT Cloud Website][1]. Use the same email address and password as you use for the MobileTrust® app. Once you’re logged in, click your email address in the upper right to access your user …

What is MobileTrust®?

MobileTrust® is an app bundle for mobile devices and tablets. MobileTrust® protects your confidential information, online transactions and login access against keylogging spyware, and even helps you create and store hard-to-crack passwords. MobileTrust® encrypts every keystroke you type into your mobile device while …

How does the SFT Cloud Website relate to MobileTrust®?

MobileTrust® users can manage their profiles (change password and email address; manage devices; view license key and subscription detail, etc.) using the SFT Cloud Website. Login to the [SFT Cloud Website][1] using the same email address and password you use for the MobileTrust® app. [1]:…

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