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What’s the difference between GuardedID® and other anti-keyloggers?

GuardedID® takes a unique approach to protect your confidential information. When you type on your keyboard, GuardedID® encrypts all keystrokes at the point of origin (your keyboard), then carries those encrypted keystrokes to any browser or desktop application via its own proprietary path, bypassing the place where keyloggers reside. This way, existing and new keyloggers can’t get their hands on your keystrokes.

In addition to anti-keylogging, GuardedID prevents screen-scraping malware from taking screen shots while you are in any application, and warns you of clickjacking attacks. The GuardedID anti-subversion feature detects untrusted drivers and kernel level compromises, and displays a warning containing the  location of any suspect driver.

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  • 26-May-2016