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I am using Firefox with Vista and some sites are slow. Can I do anything?

Yes, you can elect to turn off some of the GuardedID® security features, however, that is not recommended.

Because GuardedID® helps to keep you secure and aware of potential compromises, including clickjacking attacks, there could be some sites that will take longer to fully appear when using Firefox with Microsoft Vista. To address this issue, you may wish to temporarily disable the GuardedID® anti-clickjacking feature. Go to the GuardedID® toolbar and click “Manage” then click “Preferences”. Under the Anti-Clickjacking Options section, click on the boxes to turn off these features. This should eliminate the delay in Firefox. If this does not solve the issue, then GuardedID® is most likely not causing the delay; we recommend you reset your GuardedID® preferences to re-enable the anti-clickjacking features.

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  • 02-Jun-2016