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What is clickjacking? Does GuardedID® protect me?
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Yes, one of GuardedID®'s security features is “Clickjack warning.”

Clickjacking is a type of cyber threat whereby an invisible link or button containing malicious code can be placed over a legitimate link or button on any website without the user’s knowledge. This malicious link could also appear as a non-threatening link that essentially sends the user to another website without their knowledge. When a user clicks on an unseen link the cyber criminal has the ability to take control of that computer and download keystroke loggers and other malware, which can wipe out the computer’s hard drive.

In another example of clickjacking, a web user thinks they are clicking a legitimate button to close a dialog box — but the button click actually deletes all the email messages in their Gmail account. Or, a user believes they are clicking on a button to decline to take a survey, when they are actually transferring money from their bank. Cyber criminals use this technique to raise an article’s Digg score or get paid for a pay-for-click advertisement.

The GuardedID® anti-clickjacking feature helps prevent against these types of attacks by making the clickjacking locations visible to the user. GuardedID® highlights invisible buttons and links with red dashes, showing the end user that the web page that they are on may contain malicious code. GuardedID® also highlights in red dashes any ads, links, or content that is being served from a third-party site. When you go to these third-party sites you should always use caution, making sure you are on a legitimate site. 

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