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How To Activate GuardedID (Mac)
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To activate GuardedID after it has been installed, perform the following steps:


Step 1: Locate the GuardedID dock icon (if this icon is not shown, you can manually launch GuardedID from your Applications folder):



Step 2: Click the icon to open the License Manager.


Step 3: Type your full Activation Key  including dashes (Example: ABCD-1234-ABCD-1234-ABCD) in to the License Key text box:



Note: If you have already entered a license key but would like to change it (for example, if you are replacing an expiring/expired license key), you must click the Deactivate button first before entering your new license key.


Step 4: Click the Activate button, then wait for the activation confirmation message:



Step 5: GuardedID is now activated and its taskbar icon no longer shows a warning symbol:



Please contact StrikeForce Technical Support if you encounter an error during the activation process.

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